In this week’s episode, we discuss the impact of the pandemic on our children as well as their true risk factors. We unpacked the CDC Back to School Guidelines that were released in May and discussed how to support their immune system to be resilient vs. weak from excessive sterility and stress. We discussed the impact of connection and touch as well as misuse of masks and manipulation of the concept of asymptomatic carriers.  


In this episode we discuss creating a vibration of calm in your household, as well as the basic needs for children’s mental and immune health, including nutrients, lifestyle, and tips to support! Learn about supplement strategy for supporting your little ones as they go back to school and engage with friends, the importance of outdoor play, and how you can advocate for their best interests to school and community leaders. 


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  1. Best episode yet ladies. DO NOT BACK DOWN! We as mamas must advocate for the emotional, social, and physical wellbeing of our children as it is clear that our both our national and local governments – and this is aimed at all parties and the CDC – are too corrupted by Pharma influence and political agenda to even think straight. I’m tired of being subjected to idiotic non-evidence based commands deemed “scientific” (and thus its heresy to question them) without any actual science behind them. I’m tired of the blatant conflicting advice: you must social distance… except during a riot; you can go to the beach but not swim in one state, while another state says you can swim but not sit on the beach – both states claiming the magical “science” has informed their decision.
    These political power moves are affecting the social well-being of our nation and thus the world my child is growing up in and it is utterly unacceptable.
    Sorry for the rant and thanks for some practical examples of how to broach this topic with schools, farmer’s markets, etc.
    The time has come for mamas to say “enough.” The children who are running our country and manipulating our health need a major time out – and to reiterate this is any leader of any party who is promoting the anti-socialization of our country.
    Thank you.
    Alli June

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