If you’re feeling emotional or psychologically exhausted at this point in the DIVOC pandemic, you’re not alone. Between the gaslighting, isolation, bait and switch and other tactics of psychological and even spiritual manipulation over the past year and a half, we have truly been at war with no end in sight. Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss how to maintain your vibration and body sovereignty and not fall victim to the fear, shame and guilt of the current narrative. 


In this episode, Ali and Becki discuss pandemic updates now a year and a half in with new updates on mask mandates, practicing civil disobedience and of course the smaxmine. Learn about risks and considerations for yourself and family members, how to answer the question “have you gotten your jab yet?” and of course priorities of supplementation to mitigate possible side effects. 


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  1. Thank you Ali & Becki for staying true to your authenticity! I am an ER nurse and along with many of the nurses in our hospital, have chosen not to receive the jab. We have all been exposed to COVID-19 in various forms especially during the PPE shortage in spring of 2020. In my own comparison of vaccinated vs unvaccinated nurses, I personally noted more co-workers falling ill (to the point they called out sick for several days) after their 2nd dose of the vaccine over those unvaccinated coworkers that contracted COVID. Two of my co-workers that got COVID naturally were very ill (although no overnight hospitalization required) whereas the remaining few that contracted the virus had minor symptoms or were asymptomatic. I appreciate the honesty in this episode because some nurses have questioned their decision to not get vaccinated based on conversations with well respected providers in our ER.

    The data in this episode re-affirms my gut feeling that the vaccine is a bad idea and I’m looking forward to passing on the studies to my co-workers! Thank you for the research you do to provide your listeners with this information!

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