Do you know if you’re getting all the nutrients you need? Wonder if your current supplement plan is working for you? Want to assess your micronutrient status? Tune in to hear us talk about our brand new micronutrient panel, the Cellular Micronutrient Analysis, and how this test can serve as your yearly wellness check!


In this episode, we cover what a micronutrient analysis is, why one may be deficient in nutrients, how to identify patterns of deficiency for root cause interventions. Learn how our new panel is different than a serum or plasma blood test which only measures transient nutrients, not those truly available on a cellular level. Plus we review our personal results and plans for supplement and diet intervention and hook you up with a code for $50 off the new Cellular Micronutrient Analysis in the episode! 


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This episode is sponsored by Santa Cruz Medicinals, makers of potent and affordable CBD with effective dosing. For more information check out and use code ALIMILLERRD for 15% off your order.

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