Are you still putting the finishing touches on your holiday menu? Need some inspiration that will convince your family that real food can taste good once and for all? Looking for some tips to navigate the holidays and stay on track? Tune in to get Ali’s top tips for holiday survival and best practices for incorporating both mindful indulgence and nutrient density in your menu planning. 


In this episode, Ali and Becki will definitely make you drool with their holiday menu inspiration! Learn about ways to incorporate greens into your Thanksgiving meal, choosing quality fats and why we love nut flour. Plus eating nose to tail, holiday survival supplement essentials, and how to navigate conversations about the “bad season” with family and friends!


Welcome to episode 318, today we are talking about staying on track through the holiday season and how you can incorporate food as medicine into your celebrations this year! We’ll cover some yummy holiday menu inspiration, supplement strategy for cruising through the holidays stress free, and more! 


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