parmesan crisps recipe

Parmesan Crisps Recipe

PARMESAN CRISPS RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Fun fact: cholesterol is present in every cell membrane! Cholesterol helps keep nutrients in the cell to be used by its mitochondria (“energy factories”) to provide fuel for the body and prevent undesired toxins from entering the cells. Cholesterol also serves as a steroid hormone building block and aids…


dangers of toxins

The Dangers of Toxins and the Truth About Detox

THE DANGERS OF TOXINS AND THE TRUTH ABOUT DETOX P.S. A juice cleanse is not a therapeutic detox! As many begin to realize their New Year’s resolutions to “get healthy” or “lose weight” will require more of an actual strategy, some may consider detox. Myths, conflicting methods and confusing information leave many wondering whether detox…


benefits of grassfed butter

The Benefits of Grassfed Butter

THE BENEFITS OF GRASSFED BUTTER Butter consumption has changed over the course of the last few decades. Butter is typically used in cooking to boost the flavor profile of other ingredients. The saturated fats and cholesterol count in butter has given it a bad reputation, but there are many health benefits of grassfed butter. Grassfed…


beef rendang recipe

Beef Rendang Recipe (Indonesian Braised Short Ribs)

BEEF RENDANG RECIPE (INDONESIAN BRAISED SHORT RIBS) FOOD AS MEDICINE: Grassfed beef is rich in anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs and is free from added hormones and antibiotics found in conventionally raised animal products. Braising tough cuts of meat makes them fall-off-the-bone tender and creates a rich sauce with no extra work. A…


sweet and sour pork meatballs recipe

Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs Recipe

SWEET AND SOUR PORK MEATBALLS RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Pasture-raised pork is an excellent source of B vitamins and is high in anti-inflammatory, heart healthy and cancer-fighting omega 3 fatty acids as well as CLAs. Pork is also an excellent source of the amino acid tryptophan, which we usually associate with our Thanksgiving turkey, which…


indonesian chicken salad recipe

Indonesian Chicken Salad Recipe

INDONESIAN CHICKEN SALAD RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Capsaicin is responsible for giving pepper and other spices like cayenne their heat. This compound is know for increasing thermogenesis in the body by promoting the body to burn fat for fuel. Capsaicin is also known to prevent a decline in metabolic rate that typically follows weight loss.…


best foods for beautiful skin

The Best Foods for Beautiful Skin

THE BEST FOODS FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN Have you been searching for the best foods for beautiful skin? Beauty is in fact more than skin deep. If your diet is nutrient deficient, the evidence will appear in your skin quality – dry, washed out, and wrinkled! Instead of eating foods that are processed, refined, and full…


hormones that make you fat

5 Hormones That Make You Fat

5 HORMONES THAT MAKE YOU FAT Can you believe we’re a few weeks into 2016? Hopefully you’re doing well when it comes to your resolutions! If your resolutions were health-related, but you’re not losing the weight, it’s important to note that restricting calorie intake or limiting your diet may not be the only issue. Chances…


mint chocolate chip smoothie recipe

Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie Recipe

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP SMOOTHIE RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Which is higher in potassium: an avocado or a banana? If you said, avocado – you’re right! This deliciously creamy fruit is a great source of vitamins E, K, and B6, as well as folate. The healthy fatty acid profile of avocados has been proven to protect…