pumpkin steel cut oats recipe

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats Recipe

PUMPKIN STEEL CUT OATS RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Steel cut oats have soluble fiber and beta glucans, both of which can help lower cholesterol, regulate digestion, and balance blood sugar levels while promoting satiety for weight loss! Pumpkin is filled with Vitamin A which promotes eye health. Try starting your day off with this healthy…


break up with bacon

Break Up with Bacon?

BREAK UP WITH BACON? According to the recent report released on processed meats, there is scientific evidence linking both processed meat and tobacco to certain types of cancer and that is strong; so in a sense both bacon, but I say conventional bacon with nitrites, and tobacco, are carcinogens. But smoking increases your risk of…


pumpkin paleo protein pancakes

Paleo Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

PALEO PUMPKIN PROTEIN PANCAKES RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Just 1 cup of cooked pumpkin offers 200% your daily needed vitamin A in the form that best protects your vision. The soluble fiber and zinc in pumpkin play a role for blood sugar and insulin regulation while the phytosterols in the seeds aid in lowering your…


food allergy vs food sensitivity

Food Allergy VS Food Sensitivity

FOOD ALLERGY VS FOOD SENSITIVITY From gluten free to paleo to autoimmune diets how does one chose which specific diet is right for them and more importantly how does one decide if they are having a reaction to food and what type of reaction they are having? The terms food allergy and food sensitivity are…


paleo pumpkin seed and nut bars

Paleo Pumpkin Nut and Seed Bars

PALEO PUMPKIN NUT AND SEED BARS FOOD AS MEDICINE: Pumpkin can be used as a treatment for heart health, inflammation, cancer and eye health. The seeds contain a compound called phytosterols, which have been shown to help lower the bad cholesterol levels in your blood. The flesh is high in vitamin A, which is known…


choosing the right fats

Choosing the right fat for cooking

CHOOSING THE RIGHT FAT FOR COOKING Now that you know fats are an essential component to Optimal Eating and you understand how to eoelect the fats are the most nutritional dense while avoiding those that are toxic (see blog here to catch up if you missed it!) you need to know which ones are best…


ginger zinger tea recipe

Ginger Zinger Tea

GINGER ZINGER TEA RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: As a Keto Tea option, this recipe features all the benefits of starting your day with pure concentrated fats combining MCT oils from coconut oil and CLAs from grassfed butter to boost metabolism and fat burn on the body while sustaining the release of caffeine into the blood…


coconut oil

An Ode to Coconut Oil!

AN ODE TO COCONUT OIL! Coconut oil is one of out favorite fats and it has multiple benefits through eating and using topically (on the skin). 90% of  coconut oil is a saturated fat and 50% of that fat is lauric acid which potent in antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal effects. Lauric acid has the…


skinny on fats

The Skinny on Fats

THE SKINNY ON FATS Fats are an essential part of our diet. Fats help maintain healthy skin, regulate brain and vessel function, insulate the body against temperature changes, and act as a cushion to protect and hold vital organs in place. Healthy fats plan a necessary role in optimal neurological and hormonal balance. Fat carries…