estrogen dominance

Estrogen Dominance

ESTROGEN DOMINANCE Estrogen can play a role in bone health, skin health, and fertility as well as healthy aging; however too much estrogen can drive belly fat, depression, as well as estrogen-related cancer risk. Diet and lifestyle can play a great role in estrogen dominance as well as treatment to support estrogen detoxification. In this…


pumpkin chia seed pudding recipe

Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

PUMPKIN CHIA SEED PUDDING RECIPE Fall in in full effect and we are starting to ramp up the intake of more warming seasonal foods. Pumpkin and winter squashes are some featured ingredients of the fall but they can often get disguised or bogged down by excessive sugar, refined flours, and other processed ingredients. Rather than…



Simple Dressed Avocado Recipe

SIMPLE DRESSED AVOCADO RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE:  A fun take on Tex-Mex flavor profiles provides support for metabolism and detox. The avocado contributes B vitamins and fatty acids that aid to manage stress response and reduce excess cortisol stress hormone, while the spice and zing of onions aid to boost metabolism and detoxification. This is…


Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon Peach Glaze Recipe

PORK TENDERLOIN WITH BOURBON PEACH GLAZE RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Pasture-raised pork is an excellent source of B vitamins and is high in anti-inflammatory, heart healthy and cancer-fighting omega 3 fatty acids as well as CLAs. Pork is also an excellent source of the amino acid tryptophan, which we usually associate with our Thanksgiving turkey,…


Cauliflower Parmesan Biscuits

CAULIFLOWER PARMESAN BISCUITS RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Cauliflower is low in carbohydrates and is incredibly nutrient dense, making it a great base for soups, purees and mashes as well as a starch replacement! Cauliflower contains powerful sulfur compounds that have the ability to protect against cancer and detoxify the body, as well as significant amounts…


Savory Indian Style Steel Cut Oats Recipe

SAVORY INDIAN STYLE STEEL CUT OATS RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Breakfast sets the stage for all other meals throughout the day! While we are sleeping, the liver is working overtime to keep glucose levels stable so that all cells in the body are able to function. It is critical to “break the fast” by eating…


Gluten Free Veggie Spring Rolls Recipe

GLUTEN FREE VEGGIE SPRING ROLLS RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: These spring rolls are a wheat free snack or meal that is surprisingly low in carbohydrates! Full of fresh herbs and vegetables, these rolls can help detoxify the system and are full of antioxidants to protect you from oxidative damage on a cellular level. Feel free…


Surprising Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

SURPRISING SYMPTOMS OF GLUTEN INTOLERANCE Over two million Americans have celiac disease and should avoid eating gluten. However, as little as a decade ago, virtually no one in the U.S. seemed to have a problem eating this protein that’s found in bread and other foods. Research confirms that about 1 percent of U.S. adults have…


Peach and Goat Cheese Tart Recipe

PEACH AND GOAT CHEESE TART RECIPE FOOD AS MEDICINE: Stone fruits like peaches, plums and nectarines have been shown to ward off obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. They also have bioactive and phenolic compounds including quercetin and anthocyanins with anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory properties and their soluble fiber helps to reduce…